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Tourism NT (TNT) run various familiarisation (famil) programs throughout the year with social media influencers, media/journalists and travel trade (travel agents, Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs) and product managers). TNT invite the previously mentioned groups to familiarise themselves with your product or experience so they can share it with either their social media audiences, media publications, customers looking to book a holiday and international travel distribution networks. The benefit for your business to be included in a TNT famil include media exposure or increased sales with customers. 

When TNT are looking for operators to be included in our famil programs, we consider the following: 

  • Bookable Product
  • Export ready product (mandatory for international famils) 
  • High quality product or experience
  • A product or experience that is newsworthy and/or unique
  • Product that aligns with the specific interest area of that famil, eg. aboriginal culture, luxury, adventure etc.
  • An operator that is willing to offer the famil booking either at a discounted rate or FOC
  • Product that has availability in line with the scheduled dates of the famil.

    *Note: We cannot guarantee your involvement but we will ensure you are considered when we are planning famils. It can be difficult to include multi day touring in trade famils.

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    If you would like to express your interest in being involved in a Tourism NT famil, please complete the form below: